about Us

We are a group of artist friends that wanted to boost our sketchbooks and character design skills throughout 2021!  So, we got together and created a NEW Instagram art challenge called: Friday Doodle Club.

Keep reading to learn a little more about us!


Jennifer Jamieson

Hi! I'm Jen! I am a freelance Illustrator based in the UK.

I spent most of my career working as a Designer and have been very fortunate to work for some amazing agencies here in the UK and Australia. I have always loved designing for kids and novelty, but it wasn't until the beginning of 2020 I really pursued a career as a Children's Illustrator. I took part in the 100 day challenge last April during lockdown, and have been drawing non-stop ever since! This year I wanted to do a challenge that targeted the areas I felt I wanted to work on - that's where the idea for the Friday Doodle Club art challenge came about. Using 3 words means the prompt can be as specific or open as you wish, and can be flexible depending on style, medium and time availability. We are so happy that so many people have already joined the club, and are excited about the potential of FDC going forward.

You can see more more of my work here:



Sandra Eide

Hi! I’m Sandra, a co-host for Friday Doodle Club.

I am a writer and illustrator living in Nevada with my husband and our Border Collie. I went to school for creative writing and the past few years I have been developing my portfolio for children’s illustrations. I have loved developing illustrations for children’s education companies as well as work on articles, comics, and coloring pages for kid’s editorial magazines within the last year and my goal is to build momentum and keep doing what I love. It was so important to me to start 2021 with goals of growth in continuing to develop fun characters and play with different techniques and mediums. I am so happy to be a part of the FDC team and continue to learn, grow, and doodle with this awesome community!

To find out more about my work you can visit my website: https://sandraeide.com/



Brenda Harris

Hello! I'm Brenda, an illustrator and graphic designer living next to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA.

I have been a graphic designer for 16 years and I have more recently transitioned into illustration. I enjoy sharing my love of art with others through art prompts like this one or teaching art classes at the local parks and rec. I love getting to connect with other artists around the world and cheering them on their creative journey! You can find me chasing my husband and two cute kiddos around or making art at my kitchen table.

This year, I'm excited to explore new mediums, create unique characters and see all the wonderful art inspired by our prompts! I had the joy of creating this website and I am thrilled to be a co-host for FridayDoodleClub!

To find out more about me and my illustrations check out my website: https://www.brendaharrisillustration.com.


Marie-Charlotte Yao

Hi! My name is Marie-Charlotte Yao but most people call me Macha.

I’m an illustrator originally from France and now based in Leeds, in the UK. I started my adult life as a very overwhelmed intern for Cartoon Network in Paris and I think that is where my taste for children illustration and animation comes from. I have been a freelance graphic designer since then (2009) between France and East Asia. Last year I decided to switch gears to be a full time children illustrator (although not there yet!). I have a passion for funky colours, the 90’s aesthetic and dynamic girls (I got two of those at home!).

I’m excited to be co-hosting Friday Doodle Club (and I love making GIFs).

You can learn more about Macha here:

Illustration Portfolio