Artist Spotlight: Alex Ayliffe

We love highlighting one of our amazing doodlers! Today we get to share more about Alex Ayliffe aka @alexayliffe_illustrator.

Hello! Please can you give us a brief little introduction about yourself?

Hi my name is Alex, I am originally from Hertfordshire but have very recently moved to sunny Suffolk with my husband, youngest  son and a very crazy labradoodle called Nelly.  I have always loved art and studied illustration at Westminster University.  I soon picked up a variety of commissions - everything from sweet packets to magazines to bill board pictures.  But i loved children’s books best and after a few years began working mainly in book publishing. Back then i used a collage technique, which involved ripping up coloured paper and sticking it back down (leaving a trail of confetti everywhere i went!) but nowadays most of my work is digital. My most enjoyable commission was a series of picture books by Margaret Mayo for Hachette.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by literally EVERYTHING - funny or unusual sights as I walk our dog, colours and nature. I am constantly trying to capture the moment by taking photos on my phone. These abstract moments sometimes re-emerge in my doodling.

What is your favourite things to draw?

Above all else I really love drawing young children and the unique way in which they see the world.  I like experimenting with different ways of working and at the moment am playing with incorporating photographic elements.

What art goals do you have this year? 

My art goal for this year is to get back into painting.  I made a bold (or maybe crazy) decision a couple of years ago to go back to University to do an MA in Fine Art and my love of abstract art emerged.  I haven’t had a proper studio to work in for a while but towards the end of this year I should be able to go full steam ahead! (Please see my other accounts if you’re interested, instagram: alex_ayliffe and website However, I will always find time for doodling (!) and the fridaydoodleclub prompts are just what i need to keep me going.

What techniques/ supplies do you use?

I have recently been given an IPAD and LOVE it. It’s a fabulous way of drawing, I love the versatility of being able to happily doodle anywhere (at the same time as pretending I am writing something of great importance!) For my painting I use acrylic or oil paint and often a variety of flat objects - a plastering tool or maybe a comb and literally drag paint across a canvas. (It’s very satisfying!)

What advice would you give another doodler/ artist?

My advice to any aspiring doodler or artist is to DRAW lots and LOOK lots. There is so much inspiration in the world that if you really look you will always be inspired to put pen to paper (or ipad). Posting on instagram is a really useful way of making sure you push each picture just a little further.  And use prompts (!) It’s great to follow accounts like the Fridaydoodleclub - it a wonderful way of unleashing original or fresh ideas.

Where can people go to learn more about you or see more of your work?

Check out my website:

Check out my Instagram page:

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