What is Friday Doodle Club?

Friday Doodle Club is a weekly art challenge that posts weekly art prompts each Friday to inspire the creation of a sketch, doodle, or fully rendered drawing inspired by that week’s prompt.

What are the Friday Doodle Club prompts?

The weekly prompts consist of three random words to inspire a character doodle - an adjective, a verb, and a noun.

When are new prompts posted?

New prompts are posted every Friday.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join Friday Doodle Club.

Is Friday Doodle Club Free?

Yes, Friday Doodle Club is free.

Can I join at any time or should I do past prompts in order?

You can join at any time you would like, follow past prompts in order, or join in whenever you have a chance. Friday Doodle Club is meant as an easy prompt guide for when you are needing inspiration, or a chance to join in with a community and develop a long term doodle practice.

What materials do I need to use for Friday Doodle Club prompts?

You can use any art supply, traditional, digital and everything in between. 

What is a doodle? How detailed do my doodles need to be?

Typically a doodle is a rough, easy, or quick drawing. However in the context of Friday Doodle Club you have the choice of making your doodles as simple or as detailed as you are wanting them to be and you can change your mind any time. Many prompt doodles start as a scribble and then develop into a full illustration later on.

Is there a deadline?

New prompts are posted each Friday, and doodles from the current week's prompt will be shared up until the following Friday when a new prompt will take its place. View the current prompt HERE to stay up to date and share during our live weekly prompt with the FDC community.

Past prompts are be available for you to access HERE. You are free to follow along with past, present, and future prompts at any time you would like.

Where can I share my Friday Doodle Club doodles?

Friday Doodle Club doodles will be posted and shared on Instagram. You can share your doodle with the FDC community by tagging us @FridayDoodleClub and using the hashtag #FridayDoodleClub 

Where is the past prompt list?

View the past prompt list HERE.

Do I have to use my own designs or can I make fan-art or design based on my favorite movies and cartoons?

You can make any form of art or design you would like, however you must follow copyright laws and make sure you are respecting the original artist’s of work you base your designs on.